MPR picture makes Time magazine's 'Top 100 Photos' of 2018

Yes, it's for that tower-scaling raccoon that broke the internet.
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The death-defying raccoon that captivated the entire internet back in June has struck again – this time helping Minnesota Public Radio and one of its photojournalists earn some national recognition.

A photo of the raccoon mid-climb (below), taken by Evan Frost on June 12, has been named one of the 100 best photos of 2018 by Time magazine. 

The brave (or maybe just crazy) critter was a viral sensation after he was spotted scaling downtown St. Paul's UBS Tower, becoming the second-highest trending topic on Twitter in the entire United States. 

After much suspense, the little guy made it to the top of the building and was safely rescued before being released into the wild.

The raccoon has since become something of an icon, even gracing T-shirts and other merchandise.  

From the beginning, though, he's been a boon for MPR's public profile.

The news outlet says that although they "may not have been the first to see the raccoon," they "made a big enough deal of it online" that the animal soon came to be known as #mprraccoon on Twitter.

And now, he's gotten them into Time magazine.

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