MSP reaches its earliest 100-degree day in recorded history

It sets multiple records, including the earliest 100-degree reading ever.
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Blazing-hot conditions in the Twin Cities has resulted in the first 100-degree temperature at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in nearly six years. 

The airport, which serves as the official weather hub of the Twin Cities, measured a 100-degree temperature at 2:10 p.m. Monday, making the May 28 reading the earliest 100-degree temp ever recorded in the Twin Cities. 

The previous record was held by May 31, 1934 when the temp rose to 105 degrees. 

It's also a record high for May 28 in the Twin Cities and the all-time record on Memorial Day, breaking the old record of 98 degrees on May 30, 1934. 

According to the National Weather Service, the last time it reached 100 in the Twin Cities was July 6, 2012, when it was 102 degrees. 

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Note: Six weeks ago today much of southern Minnesota woke up to 15+ inches of snow, including 20+ in the Maple Grove area. 

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