Mucci's Italian swamped by fans as it serves its last donuts

This Sunday is the last chance to get Mucci's donuts.
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It was below zero in St. Paul at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning, but that didn't stop a crowd of donut-lovers lining up outside Mucci's Italian.

The pizza and pasta restaurant on Randolph Avenue has also built itself a following over the past three years for the confectionary delights created on a weekly basis by chef and co-owner Chris Uhrich.

So it was to immense disappointment that the restaurant announced last week that it will be discontinuing the service, saying it will serve its last weekly donut service this coming Sunday, Jan. 27.

It urged customers to "stop by these next two weekends and stock up while you still can," and boy did they.

On Instagram on Sunday, Mucci's posted that "We opened our doors at 8 am to a line of 10,000 people who camped out for hours in the cold!"

Ok, so the figure is inflation, but it's not an understatement to say there's a whole lot of love for Uhrich's donuts.

"This is not an exaggeration. We we’re happy to wait in the cold. Mucci’s forever!!!" one commenter wrote in response.

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On Twitter, Mucci's co-owner Tim Niver, who also owns Saint Dinette and Mevyn, said that the decision to end the service was a "quality of life decision" for Uhrich and their staff.

"We’re all bummed," he wrote. "It’s been very rewarding but we’ve decided it was the right time to stop."

While Mucci's says that the donuts will re-appear on the occasional basis in the future, Sunday will be your last chance in a while to get your hands on one.

And you'd better get there early.

One of Mucci's Italian's "doughbiscuits."

One of Mucci's Italian's "doughbiscuits."

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