Muddy Waters the latest Twin Cities restaurant to announce closure

It follows hot on the heels of The Bachelor Farmer.
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A long-serving Minneapolis bar and restaurant has become the latest establishment to close for good amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The owners of Muddy Waters announced on its social media pages that it will be closing its doors Sunday evening for the final time.

The eatery at 2933 Lyndale Avenue South spent more than 20 years as a coffee shop, before switching almost a decade ago into a bar and restaurant.

"We want to thank Minneapolis for loving us so long," owners Sarah Schrantz and Paddy Whelan wrote. "We are heartbroken, but resolute in the knowledge that Muddy Waters is not, and cannot, be a place.

"Muddy Waters is people. And these people? Still here. You'll find them all over town, still practicing radical empathy and clear eyed by pragmatic hope for what we face in this moment."

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It comes just days after another popular Minneapolis venue, The Bachelor Farmer and Marvel Bar, announced its own closure.

The mandatory shut down of dine-in service at bars and restaurants have left many struggling to stay afloat. And even when they're allowed to reopen, it's not known to what extent people will resume dining out if the pandemic is still ongoing.

Schrantz, whose first job was as a barista at the Muddy Waters coffee shop before she eventually bought the business, said she wants people to share their memories of Muddys, in either iteration.

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