Must see: Storm sends dirt towering into the air in Becker

It looked like a tornado in Becker on Friday.
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Becker tornado?

It certainly looked like a tornado was on the ground in Becker, Minnesota last Friday, but that wasn't the case. 

The cloud of black dirt rolling through Becker was caught on video by a local artist, Sadie Wolf, who sent it to BMTN

Here's the video with a word of warning, as it contains a couple of strong curse words as the videographer watches the storm develop (we apologize for any offense). 

"It looks more like downburst," says Jim Taggart, a meteorologist with the Twin Cities office of the National Weather Service. Taggert noticed that all of the trees appear to be blowing in the same direction, which indicates that the dirt was kicked up in the air by a strong burst of wind from the storm – not a tornado. 

Another missing ingredient is a clear connection from the bottom of the clouds to the ground, Tagger noted. Plus, there weren't any damage reports and the storm did not have a tornado warning attached to it as it moved through Sherburne County. 

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Becker is about 45 minutes northeast of Grove City and Atwater, which both took direct hits by a tornado on Friday. 

As well as this storm video, Wolf is also responsible for the following artwork, which you can find on her Instagram or by visiting her website here

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