'Mystery reader' leaving vintage Star Tribune newspapers around town

The Strib says they've been found in their vending boxes.
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There's a mystery afoot in south Minneapolis, and it involves old newspapers. 

On Friday, the Star Tribune's PR wing tweeted the following:

As the tweet notes, the culprit has been paying to open up Star Tribune vending boxes, and putting vintage papers behind the glass.

The one pictured above was found by a Strib delivery driver, and is obviously quite relevant to current events, with the headline announcing Gerald Ford's rise to the presidency after President Richard Nixon's downfall in 1974. 

Might this mysterious news aficionado be sending us a political message? 

With this month's impeachment hearings into an alleged quid pro quo involving President Trump and Ukraine, it's arguably not hard to guess the answer. 

And if you're wondering why the issue pictured lacks the "Star," it's because the paper started going by its current name in 1987. 

According to an official timeline, that's when the city's two big papers — the Tribune, which ran mornings, and the Star, an evening paper — combined. 

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