New rapid bus line passes 1 million riders after just five months

The C Line corridor opened this past June.
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Launch of Metro Transit's C Line

The C Line, when it was launched by Gov. Tim Walz earlier this year.

A new rapid transit line connecting Brooklyn Center and downtown Minneapolis has proved a massive success since its launch.

Metro Transit announced Tuesday that the Metro C Line has just registered its millionth ride taken since it launched in June 2019.

The C Line makes fewer stops than Route 19, which also operates on the C Line corridor, and makes the trip between Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center 25 percent faster.

Since its launch, C Line corridor ridership is 30 percent higher than Route 19 ridership was before the C Line was built, while ridership is up 25 percent on Saturdays and 40 percent on Sundays thanks to an expanded weekend service.

Metro Transit says that similar increases have been observed on the Metro A Line, which runs between Roseville and south Minneapolis, and opened in 2016.

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"The success of Metro Transit’s BRT lines is remarkable in part because it comes amid a general decline in bus ridership," Metro Transit said. "Through the end of October, bus ridership is down nearly 6 per cent."

As well as boosting transit ridership, the C Line furthers its environmental credentials because more than half of the buses comprising the C Line fleet are "fully electric" and don't have a tailpipe.

The articulated buses also have wider aisles, more seats and three doors to allow for quick embarking and disembarking.

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