NFL player-turned-analyst says Taylor Swift's songs are better than Prince's, internet erupts

His controversial tweet generated more than 1999 responses.
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We have a former NFL player turned media analyst to thank for proving it's not just Minnesotans that are extremely protective over the legend of Prince.

Ross Tucker, who used to play for teams including the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys and now plies his trade talking football for SiriusXM and The Athletic, stepped in it with a contentious comparison.

He told a listener to never compare Taylor Swift with Prince again, because T.Swift "has at least 10 songs better than any of his."

Oh, Ross...

He then went on to compare the number of No. 1 singles Swift had compared to Prince (9 to 5) to reinforce his point.

We should point out that "With Arms Wide Open" by Creed and "How You Remind Me" by Nickelback were both No. 1 hits.

Meanwhile Bruce Springsteen, James Brown and Bob Dylan have never had a No. 1 single, so we'd argue the Billboard chart is an inconsistent spectrum for determining musical quality.

Anyway, back to Tucker. Needless to say his controversial statement generate plenty of reaction among his 192,000 Twitter followers and many more who came across his account as a result of the furore.

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In fairness to him, Tucker does come from the same hometown as Swift, in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, which he gladly admitted made him "a little bit biased."'

But that didn't stop him getting "ratio-d" – when the number of responses to a tweet far exceeds the number of shares or likes, which is typically an indication that someone has said something controversial or dumb.

More than 2,300 people responded to Tucker's tweet, compared to roughly 360 Retweets...that's not a good ratio.

Here's a flavor of the responses.

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