Nicole Curtis wraps up controversial Mpls project, calls it her 'LAST'

It comes after a long and contentious legal battle with the city
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After a drawn-out battle that lasted for years, TV star Nicole Curtis has finally finished her home restoration project in Minneapolis – which looks like it will be her last in the city.

On Saturday, the host of "Rehab Addict," a home improvement show that airs on HGTV and DIY, announced that she would be opening the doors on the house on 1522 Hillside Ave. N.

The opening also served as a fundraiser for homeless charity Backpack Project, but one thing in particular about Curtis's announcement stuck out: she described it as "my LAST Minneapolis project." (caps hers)

While she doesn't elaborate on the statement in the post or the attached video, one can imagine it might have something to do with her many legal battles with the city of Minneapolis over the formerly derelict property. 

The controversy dates back to 2013, when she signed a contract stating she would redevelop the house within 12 months, having bought it from the city for $2 a year earlier.

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That 12 months obviously came and went without an end to the rehabilitation; for her part, Curtis accused the city of blocking her attempts to rehabilitate the building by demanding a $200,000 deposit in exchange for a building permit – a claim the city denied.

It's been a legal back-and-forth between Curtis and Minneapolis ever since.

(You can read more about their legal battles right here.)

Curtis is based in Detroit, Michigan and rehabs homes throughout the Midwest. 

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