No party due to COVID-19, so town threw boy a birthday parade

Jasper Halvorson had a birthday to remember after all.
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With gatherings of all kinds on hiatus, it can be a real bummer for any child having a birthday around about now.

Fortunately, Jasper Halvorson lives in the town of Drayton, right on the North Dakota-Minnesota border on the North Dakota side.

Halvorson turned 7 on Tuesday but with the onset of social distancing, he wasn't able to have the party he'd wanted.

Not wanting the day to go unmarked, one of the Halvoersons' neighbors set about organizing a town-wide celebration for the youngster.

What followed was a parade down his street led by the Drayton Volunteer Fire Department, who were followed by numerous cars and trucks driven by locals in town.

Some had "Happy Birthday" signs hung on the side of their vehicles, while others dropped off cars, candy and gifts for the birthday boy.

Check it out.

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