Nobody proofread the NCAA's huge signs in Minneapolis

Been there, done that.
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Before you point it out: Yes, we're aware that Bring Me The News makes spelling and grammar mistakes. It happens. 

Fortunately, we're an online publication that has the ability to correct its mistakes quickly. That's not the case when your mistake goes out in print – as in the case with the NCAA.

In bold, capital letters, the Tailgate Tip-Off signage at Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis for this week's Final Four festivities reads: "LIBILITY DISCLAIMER." 

It's one thing to miss the spelling mistake in the planning stages, but to print out and erect the giant signs while still failing to notice the very noticeable error takes the gaffe to an entirely new level. Throw in the fact that there appears to be dozens of the same sign lined up one after another and it's truly special. 

In fairness, spelling "liability" correctly might've pushed "DISCLAIMER" onto a second line, and that would've looked stoopid. 

The miss on "liability" isn't the only mistake on the signs. In the fine print, which is still kind of big since it's on a human-sized display, the sign refers to the NCAA as the "NCCA." 

The bottom half of the sign refers to the NCAA as the "NCCA." 

The bottom half of the sign refers to the NCAA as the "NCCA." 

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