Nomad World Pub in Minneapolis is sold, gets a new name

It's now known as Part Wolf.
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The Nomad World Pub in Minneapolis has seen a change in ownership, and a change in name.

The Cedar Riverside bar, a popular haunt for world soccer fans, is now known as Part Wolf after it was sold by former owner Todd Smith to three people.

They are Kevin Raheja and husband and wife Josh Mandelman and Lyssa Washighton, with Mandelman already the part-owner of the Amsterdam Bar & Hall in St. Paul and the Sheridan Room in Minneapolis.

In a statement on the new Part Wolf website, the new owners say: "We know that this is a surprise change, and probably especially hard for many of our patrons, local musicians, and anyone who’s loved the Nomad in the last 14 years.

"But the long and the short of it is this: the Nomad is under new ownership, and with that change, the bar will no longer be able to use the name for legal reasons."

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They go on to say that the new ownership "won't affect the things about 501 Cedar Avenue that you've grown to love."

"We’ll still be up to all of our old tricks – slinging drinks seven nights a week, bocce league in the summer, showcasing local musicians and artists, hosting football fans, and more," they add. "We just have to do it under a different name, and we hope to make some improvements here and there that will make your experience at our bar all the more enjoyable."

The name change because active as of Sunday. Prior to being known as the Nomad it was the Five Corners Saloon before Smith took over in 2005, CityPages notes.

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