Northeast's 'barefoot runner' says his acorns post was a joke

Wow, he really had us all going.
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So it turns out that the Northeast Minneapolis barefoot runner's complaints about sidewalk acorns was a joke.

We, for one, are shocked. Next he'll tell us he's not an avid unicyclist either!

The hoaxer, Eric Curtis, confirmed to Buzzfeed he wasn't being serious when he said the acorns littering the sidewalks around Northeast were hampering his barefoot running practice.

It's hardly the most shocking of reveals. From the start, members of the I Love NE Minneapolis Facebook group treated the acorns post not so much with a grain of salt as an entire vat, instead having more fun coming up with amusing answers for the hypothetical problem.

Curtis' post in the group eventually went viral after being shared on Twitter by Alex Conover, seeing it retweeted almost 16,000 times.

Not to toot our own horn here either, but Bring Me The News raised the very real possibility that the individual was indeed trolling the city with his nutty grumble.

But the way Buzzfeed tells it, an entire nation was hoodwinked by a genius prankster, with the revelation it's a joke akin to the moment it came out that Milli Vanilli were lip-synching.

The news outlet treated it like some clandestine coverup, quizzing Curtis on the exact barefoot races he'd competed in and asked him for a photo of him carrying out his alleged hobby.

It even looked up public records from Eugene, Oregon, where Curtis claimed to have lived, to find that he had never actually lived there.

In fairness, Buzzfeed does point out that national outlets including Esquire, Mashable, Fast Company and Uproxx all covered the story in a semi-serious manner.

But let's face it, there are far more egregious examples of "fake news" out there than this.

Let's just enjoy the levity of the idea of a barefoot runner solving the problem of sidewalk acorns by tying squirrels to his feet for a little longer.

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