Now flying from MSP Airport, a plane with a bathroom window

The first Airbus A220 flew into the Twin Cities on Thursday.
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There's a new arrival at MSP Airport, offering quieter, more efficient air travel – oh and a window in the bathroom.

Yes, the Twin Cities airport has welcomed its first of Airbus' new A220 medium-range jets, as Delta started service of the new addition to its fleet on Thursday.

While there are any number of interesting features of the A220, the potty minds at BMTN couldn't help but be intrigued by its most unusual addition: a window in the on-board restroom.

No longer will travelers be forced to carry out their private business in the cramped, dimly-lit confines of a typical aircraft bathroom. Well, it'll still be cramped, but it'll no longer be dimly-lit at least.

The only potential pitfall we could see is that passengers who didn't nab a window seat simply spend the majority of the flight on the john.

Aside from the bathroom, the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC), which operates MSP, said the new aircraft is quieter during the approach and departure phases than even the CRJ-200, a plane that is half the A220's size and carries less than half the passengers.

And while air travel accounts for 2 percent of greenhouse gas emissions around the globe, the A220 helps cut that down slightly by emitting 20 percent less CO2 and 50 percent less NOx (nitrogen oxide) than other in-production aircraft.

On board, the plane can seat 109 passengers, making it of similar capacity to the smallest of Delta's Boeing 737.

Each plane also comes with seatback TVs, and the "widest seats and biggest windows of modern aircraft."

Expect to see more of them coming to MSP in the future, with Delta adding 90 of the A220s to its fleet by 2023.

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