Olive Garden is now offering a 'Lifetime Pasta Pass'

They go on sale this week.

Olive Garden is now offering a "Lifetime Pasta Pass" for diners who just can't get enough pasta ... and salad, and breadsticks, and soup

The restaurant chain has announced an expansion to its 9-week "Never Ending Pasta Pass" by making it good for the rest of the diner's life.

Sure, that life may be cut somewhat short by eating nothing but carbs for the rest of it, but nonetheless the option is there for 50 people who are selected for the promotion, which will cost them $500.

That $500 will get them unlimited servings of Olive Garden pasta with sauces and toppings, along with the aforementioned unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks.

The restaurant says the $500 plus tax outlay will be paid off after a diner's 45th meal.

Olive Garden is also making changes to its $100 Never Ending Pasta Pass by extending it for a week.

Previously, the pass is good for an 8-week period during the fall when Olive Garden offers its Never Ending Pasta Bowls. This year, it'll be good for 9 weeks from Sept. 23 through Nov. 24. 

The Lifetime Pasta Pass tickets go on sale at 1 p.m. Central Time on Thursday, and is available to those who are signing up for a Never Ending Pasta Pass, of which there are 24,000 available.

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You can go to www.PastaPass.com to join the online waiting room, which opens at 12:55 p.m. The purchase window will be open for just 30 minutes.

"Olive Garden has always been known for Italian Generosity and making everyone feel like family, which is why we introduced our Pasta Pass five years ago," said Jennifer Arguello, executive vice president of marketing for Olive Garden.

"With the introduction of our new Lifetime Pasta Pass, we’re excited to be a part of our biggest fans’ memories around the table for years to come."

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