Oliver, Olivia were Minnesota's most popular baby names in 2017

Olivia has been the most popular girl name for nearly a decade straight.
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The most popular baby names in 2017 have been revealed by the Social Security Administration and the national leaders for for boys and girls, respectively, were Liam and Emma. 

In Minnesota, just two letters separated the No. 1 boy name and top girl name in 2017: Oliver for boys, Olivia for girls. 

Top 10 girls names in Minnesota in 2017

  1. Olivia, 310
  2. Evelyn, 307
  3. Emma, 296
  4. Charlotte, 259
  5. Nora, 235
  6. Harper, 226
  7. Ava, 223
  8. Amelia, 217
  9. Sophia, 191
  10. Eleanor, 184

Top 10 boys names in Minnesota in 2017

  1. Oliver, 357
  2. William, 343
  3. Henry, 337
  4. Liam, 299
  5. Theodore, 264
  6. Logan, 240
  7. Mason, 239
  8. Noah, 237
  9. Wyatt, 236
  10. Owen, 231

Nationally, the top 10 girls names included Emma, Olivia, Ava, Isabella, Sophia, Mia, Charlotte, Amelia, Evelyn and Abigail.

The top 10 boys names across the country were Liam, Noah, William, James, Logan, Benjamin, Mason, Elijah, Oliver and Jacob. 

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The 2016 leaders in Minnesota were Henry and Evelyn, with this year's leaders, Oliver and Olivia, both coming in second. Oliver was also second in 2015 while Olivia was No. 1 that year. 

Olivia in particular has been an on-trend name for the past two decades.

It has been first or second in Minnesota every year since 2007, taking first place seven times and second place four times. 

The last time Olivia wasn't in the top 10 was the year 2000. 

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