On other side of his window, family hold birthday party for former clown

Mike Mudgett turned 87 on St. Patrick's Day.
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Birthday 2

The family of a Twin Cities man was able to bring him some birthday cheer despite the ongoing shutdown for COVID-19.

Mike Mudgett has been a resident at the Martin Luther Care Center in Bloomington for the past five years, and turned 87 on St. Patrick's Day.

With the care center being locked down to visitors because of the coronavirus outbreak, his wife of 62 years Helen, daughters Joy and Sharon, and other family members congregated outside his window to wish him happy birthday.


They spoke over the phone as they partied in St. Patrick's Day costume, as well as sharing window kisses and sang songs across the divide.

In the past, Mudgett would bring joy to children on their birthdays and many others during his career as a professional clown, with his talents including creating balloon animals, magic tricks, and face painting.

He was a member of the Twin Cities clowning group, Clowns Across the River, and would regularly perform at parades where he was known as "Mr. Pedals," as he rode a tricycle.

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