One of the few remaining video rental stores in Minneapolis calls it quits

Technology killed the video store.
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After 15 years in business during which the way people consume movies has changed radically, a Minneapolis video rental store is calling it quits.

The Movies on 35th Street has dished out flicks to residents of the Powderhorn neighborhood since 2003, but owner Tim Hanson announced on Friday that this run is coming to an end.

"With the constant barrage of 'technology,' it's become apparent that movie rentals will no longer support the shop," he wrote on Facebook.

"It's been a great 15 years and I appreciate all your support. Running my own business was a dream of mine and I am thrilled with the result," he added.

"I've learned and grown so much and most of all... I have a lot of great memories. THANK YOU!"

While movie rentals enjoyed a renaissance in the late '90s with the growth of popularity in DVDs, the writing was on the wall for many stores once media consumption increasingly shifted to streaming.

The woes of the video rental industry is summed up no better than by the fortunes of Blockbuster, which at one point had more than 9,000 stores in operation.

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As of last month, it now has just one remaining in Bend, Oregon.

For fans of The Movies on 35th, the store is now selling off its remaining inventory, with Hanson encouraging fans to "come in, spend lavishly and take several pieces of The Movies on 35th Street home with you!"

The store, at 3447 Bloomington Avenue South, will still be open for the next month or two.

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