Owl survives being hit by car in head-turning story

One minute this owl appeared dead, the nest minute it was just fine.
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Not only did the owl in the photo above survive getting hit by a car, it was uninjured. 

According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the owl was hit by a car last weekend in Trempealeau County, which is just east of Winona across the Mississippi River. The driver who hit the owl saw it jammed into the grille of his vehicle, and rather than deal with it late Saturday night he decided to leave it for the morning. 

The driver, hoo has not been identified, got up the next morning and was stunned to find the owl still alive, so he called DNR Warden Meghan Jensen, who was in the area and promptly came over to assist. 

"The owl was stuck! Just the wings and head were sticking out of the grill," Jensen said. "The rest of its body was lodged in tight." 

They were able to work together to free the owl from the grill and it seemed to be just fine. Jensen took the bird to the Coulee Region Humane Society to make sure and indeed the owl was just fine. 

Jensen then took the owl to a wooded area near the crash site and released it back into the wild. 

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