Owner of Betty Danger's in northeast Minneapolis plans to sell restaurant

The Ferris wheel will be up for sale, too.

Betty Danger's County Club – and its Ferris wheel – are going up for sale, according to reports. 

The country club-themed restaurant that includes a mini-golf course closed its doors in January for the winter, but then the coronavirus pandemic forced it to delay its reopening this spring, according to Betty Dangers' website

But now it looks like the restaurant, which opened in 2014, won't be around for long if it does reopen when restaurants get the OK to do so.  

Owner Leslie Bock, who also owns Phsycho Suzi's down the street from Betty Danger's, told BMTN she made the decision last week to sell the restaurant.

"Unfortunately, the restaurants' business model is not pandemic friendly...at all," she said. "We are known for our atmosphere, cocktails, large groups, and summer crowds so we are really screwed. We are a destination experience, with an emphasis on fun cocktails, so take-out is not working for us...at all. People come to us for the entire experience and especially our patios.

"Our virus patio plan consists of spacing tables out and reducing some human interaction touch points. There are just too many variables in the coming months and we aren't looking to waste valuable time and effort throwing good money after bad and then be forced to shut down again (by the virus) and go from pandemic experience to non-pandemic experience to pandemic experience, etc."

"Our business model was about creating a unique atmosphere and a good time (with people!). We aren't 'tables in a room' type restaurants. It's sad, because Betty's was at its most profitable year since opening. We were really proud of that."

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Restaurants have been closed to dine-in customers since mid-March, but Gov. Tim Walz said Wednesday they may be able to reopen on June 1

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