Parody Facebook page of Minnesota town goes viral for snow plow post

All it took was a creative status update about plowing the streets.
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Residents of Sanborn, Minnesota, might follow the city's Facebook page, but there's a much better chance they follow the parody account that has taken on a life of its own thanks to a funny status update on Friday. 

"We're gonna plow at 8:00 tonight. Get your damn car off the street or we will bury the sumbitch," the fake Facebook page warned in advance of Friday's snowstorm. 

The post has 200+ comments and has been shared more than 3,300 times – an astonishing number considering Sanborn's population is just over 300 people. 

The 10-to-1 share/resident ratio has launched the fake city page to fame, and the creator of the page is using it as what we consider the one of the great side hustles in human history: creating T-shirts that will leave you gasping for air or laughing out loud, perhaps both. 

Sanborn shirts

"They will be posted for sale soon, but If we hit 5k likes on our page we will give away 100 of the sumbitches," the page says. 

The page was started about 2 years ago

The person who created the page asked to stay anonymous because of negative feedback they've received from some people around town who aren't as excited as the more than 2,500 people who follow it are. 

At 11 a.m. Friday the fake page had 140 likes, just a couple dozen more than the actual City of Sanborn account. The snow plow post sent it to the moon. 

"It was a long term plan that finally paid off yesterday," the anonymous creator told Bring Me The News. "Yesterday just exploded with the snow plow post."

What inspired the person to post about plowing the streets?

"The actual city-run page which was started within the last 6 months as a reaction to mine posted that streets would be plowed at 8 so please move your cars. Most people don't then complain when they get blocked in so I thought I'd spice it up a bit." 

Move over, Gotham. There's a new masked hero in town, and they live in Sanborn. 

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