Pelican chokes to death on walleye, fish survives

Survival of the fattest?
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A pelican was found dead in a northern Minnesota river having apparently choked on a walleye – which was still alive.

The unusual discovery was made by DNR conservation officer Demosthenes Regas covering the Blackduck South area of Beltrami County.

Per his weekly report, he found a dead pelican floating in the Tamarack River while out working spring fish-run activity.

"Further investigation into the cause of death of the pelican was soon apparent and more than it could swallow," Regas wrote.

"The officers found a 25- or 26-inch walleye still in the pelican’s bill. The walleye was still alive."

CO Nick Prachar with the rescued fish.

CO Nick Prachar with the rescued fish.

The walleye had a lucky escape, and was released into the river to continue its spawning run.

In fairness, the walleye falls within the protected slot limit of 17-26 inches for the 2020 season, so the pelican would had to have released it anyway...

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