People line up for latest donut chain to invade Twin Cities

The unique made-to-order donut shop opened its doors in Woodbury on Saturday.
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The Twin Cities donut scene just got a lot more crowded.

That's because Minnesota's very first Duck Donuts, a Pennsylvania-based chain with a business model that's decidedly distinct from those of its competitors, is now open for business in Woodbury. 

This follows the return of Dunkin' Donuts (which recently rebranded as just "Dunkin'") to Minnesota after a decade-long absence, and the expansion of Canadian donut-chain Tim Hortons in the state, not to mention the recent profusion of trendy local shops like Glam Doll, Bogart's, and Cardigan, to name a few. 

But what sets Duck Donuts apart is its made-to-order approach. 

Customers can design their own donuts and get them fresh out of the fryer, a departure from the pre-made, glass-case selections that have characterized donut shops for pretty much all of history.

As City Pages reports, franchisee Jason Butler fell in love with Duck's way of doing things when he was in Kissimmee, Florida, so much so that he and his family "sought out Duck Donuts wherever they traveled" afterwards.

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Eventually his passion for Duck Donuts led him to open up the franchise in Woodbury, which is the first in all of Minnesota.

And the anticipation for the new location was high, judging by all the people that lined up to get a taste on Saturday – some camping out in the wee hours of the morning:

Duck Donuts originates in Duck, North Carolina, and now describes itself as "the fastest-growing donut shop in the U.S."

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