People think the new 'smoking' Casey's billboards are actually on fire

It's just a fog machine, but looks like smoke from a fire.
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Yes, that billboard is smoking.

No, it's not on fire.

Some creative new advertising from Casey's General Store is giving motorists pause, and leading to an influx of calls to the emergency services.

Sam Alexander-Sedey spotted one of the new roadside ads recently and posted about it in a Blaine Facebook group. Alexander-Sedey said they saw it on Highway 10 westbound in Mounds View.

It looked like there was smoke billowing from the sign so he called a non-emergency number to report it.

Turns out, it's just a fog machine. But it's confused plenty of people. According to Alexander-Sedey, the phone operator said they'd been taking calls about the billboard all week.

Another user, Natalie Tiffner, said her husband called about the sign as well.

"They told him he was like the one hundredth person who had called yesterday and they were going to contact the sign company to shut the fog machine off because it was causing so many problems. 🤣"

Casey's has 10 locations in the Twin Cities suburbs, all to the north and west.

But the confusion is not just in Minnesota.

There's a smoking Casey's billboard in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and last week the local police department had to issue a heads-up on Facebook after getting several calls.

Phil Reed from KCRG in Iowa got a video he posted to Facebook.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette also posted a short video so you can see what it looks like.

"The billboard and smoke machine are supposed to depict a steaming hot pizza," Cedar Rapids police clarified."There is no fire and do not call 911 to order a pizza! 🍕"

Same goes for anyone in Minnesota.

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