Pet python escapes from owner's house, North Dakota town freaks out

And they say nothing exciting ever happens in small towns...
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The tiny town of Forman, North Dakota, is having a bit of a collective freak out after a resident's pet python went missing.

The announcement was made on the city's Facebook page, saying the snake is "camouflage in color and is seven feet long."

Cue panic among some the residents of the city – population of just over 500 – found about 60 miles west of the Minnesota border.

The snake has been missing for "several days," the city added.

The Facebook post has generated quite a bit of excitement for the city, getting more than 400 shares and prompting a few hundred comments.

"That snake will want to eat something! I have a total phobia about snakes!" one commenter said.

"I would not survive if I saw it!" another added.

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In fairness to Forman, the city is taking advantage of the sudden flurry of attention to try and persuade others to visit.

In response to someone who has no idea where Forman is, the city wrote: "We have so many great features in our town. The missing snake is one very small, hopefully short-term situation. Like and follow us on Facebook for our non-snake news!"

We think Shelley Lange wrote it best, when she commented: "This entire thread is free Friday night entertainment. 🍷"

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