Peyton Manning congratulates Farmington football for winning smart helmets, equipment from Riddell

Farmington Youth Football is one of 10 winners nationwide.
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Farmington Youth Football has won a $10,000 grant for new equipment, and they were just one of 10 winners nationwide in a contest that featured more than 800 entrants. 

The youth football program entered Riddell's 2019 Smarter Football Program contest and wound up being selected as a winner, with NFL great Peyton Manning delivering a message to let them know they'd won. 

Farmington Youth Football was selected as a winner because it has shown dedication to teacher a smarter, safer game, according to a release from Riddell. One of the programs they utilize to train kids how to play football in a smart, safe manner is through Heads-Up clinics put on by the Minnesota Vikings. 

The clinics limit contact during practice and use a tackle bar for third-grade players in order to teach proper tackling techniques in their first year of competitive football.  

The $10,000 grant will bring Farmington Youth Football Riddell’s newest smart helmets, shoulder pads, padded apparel, and blocking equipment. 

The smart helmets have sensors built in that measure the impact of every hit, and any impact that goes above a specific threshold is immediately sent to the sidelines and the team's coaching staff/trainers are notified. 

All of the data is tracked for every player wearing a smart helmet and stored in an online database. 

“I’m proud to help ensure these 10 teams’ commitment to player safety is taken to the next level with industry-leading protective equipment from Riddell,” said Manning in a release. “It’s remarkable to learn about the difference these teams make on developing young athletes and collectively improving the sport. These organizations are truly the future of football and set a great example for others to follow.”

Farmington Youth Football is a 3rd-8th grade tackle league run by volunteers. Their season runs from August through October.

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