Pictures: Big bear goes to Duluth mall, finds it closed

He was trying to stock up on some bear ... necessities?
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There aren't many visitors to the shuttered Miller Hill Mall during the coronavirus pandemic, which is probably why this bear felt it was safe to check it out.

Mall security officer Ryan Carlson came across this really quite chunky bear hanging around outside the entrance of the Duluth shopping center early Wednesday morning.

The pictures were posted on Facebook by his friend Katie Altrichter Kaz, who has named it "Noodles." Her post had been shared more than 2,400 times as of 11 p.m. Wednesday.

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"He was totally fine. Just passing through," Katie wrote. "Bears come through once in a while when they smell something good from the restaurants."

The Miller Hill Mall, like all Minnesota malls, is currently shut down as part of the coronavirus social distancing measures.

That said, it has started offering curbside pick-up this week, so maybe Noodles was trying to visit the Build-a-Bear Workshop hahahahahahaha.

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