Plymouth firefighters save puppy who got himself trapped in a ceiling

"Big or small, those in need can count on the Plymouth Fire Department for help."

Forget about kittens in trees. Turns out firefighters can rescue puppies in walls, too. 

That's what happened in Plymouth this week, when the local fire department was called to a home with an unusual problem:

It seems the little pup "found a small access" in the walls and "decided to start exploring," managing to get himself stuck in the inner-workings of the house. 

Luckily, the homeowners heard him "in the ceiling space between the first and second floors" and called for help. 

The firefighters' solution was a decidedly high-tech one. As the department notes in the Facebook post:

"Finding it difficult to pinpoint the dog's location, one firefighter suggested utilizing the thermal imaging camera. The puppy put out enough heat to be seen, and firefighters were able to create an opening and rescue the rambunctious little guy uninjured."

As the photo above shows, the rescue required punching a hole into the ceiling. 

But the battalion chief is quoted as saying that the thermal imaging solution, along with "good old-fashioned, use-all-your-senses firefighting work," helped save the puppy while keep damage to the home at a minimum. 

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