Plymouth parents welcome new baby... in their driveway

The birth was quite the surprise for a couple of local cops on Friday.
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They've seen it all now.

On Friday morning, two Plymouth police officers responded to a local home and learned that a baby had just been born there — in the driveway, more specifically:

"Officers Lindberg and Thomas found dad, Antonio, kneeling in the snow with newborn baby Jayden," the police department says. "Officers helped wrap Jayden in a blanket to keep him warm until the ambulance arrived and assisted paramedics in helping mom, Annabel."

The arrival of the cops was probably the least dramatic part of the parents' day.

According to FOX 9, things moved quick for the couple after mom Annabel Torres went into labor, and they didn't even have time to get Annabel back into the house when it was clear the baby wouldn't wait any longer.

Dad Antonio Torres ended up delivering his new son right there in the car. That's when the police showed up.

It was a unique and memorable call for the officers, with KARE 11 noting that one of them is a trainee.

"Normally we're on the other side of the life cycle, so this is a big deal," Plymouth Police Chief Mike Goldstein told the station. 

Mother and baby, both of whom were transported to the hospital via ambulance, are said to be doing well. 

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