Podcast: Dialogue Minnesota details the new cannabis course at the University of Minnesota

Dialogue Minnesota gets the details on a new cannabis course.
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Minnesota Governor Tim Walz (DFL) is ordering state agencies to prepare for the potential legalization of marijuana for recreational use. 

During the last legislative session, the Republican-controlled Senate rejected a bill that would have legalized recreational marijuana in 2022, and Majority Leader Paul Gazelka says he has no interest in revisiting the issue. 

Marijuana use for medical purposes is currently permitted in the state. The controversy over legalization is sparking greater interest in cannabis. 

This semester, the University of Minnesota is offering a course on cannabis, focusing on its scientific properties, societal impact and the state and federal regulation of the crop. The course is being offered by the U’s Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics. 

That's the topic of conversation on this episode of Dialogue Minnesota, as Jim du Bois speaks with teachers from "The Science of Cannabis" course. 

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