Police chief politely asks people to 'hold off' on crime during snow storm

The Minnesota Lake PD clearly has a sense of humor.
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During snow storms like this, life doesn't just get hard for you — it gets hard for cops, too. 

It's a fact of life the police department in Minnesota Lake isn't shy about, certainly not in its Friday Facebook post asking people to refrain from crime until Monday:

"Due to the extreme snow and cold, we are asking anyone thinking of doing criminal activity to hold off until Monday," the post, authored by Chief Ben Standahl, reads.

As a deterrent to would-be criminals, Standahl threatens forced exposure to Canadian rock band Nickleback, which might be "cruel and unusual punishment."

"The drive to jail will go from 30 mins to 2 hours, and who wants to be stuck in the not roomy squad car with Nickleback playing," he writes. 

As further motivation to stay indoors during the storm, Standahl also says that "Food N Fuel (local gas station) is out of Hot Cheetos so no need to travel."

Indeed, no-travel advisories have been issued for southern Minnesota (where Minnesota Lake is), with plows in the region reporting near-zero visibility. 

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