Police in Inver Grove Heights called to, um, a horse in a basement

So this happened.
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We don't even know where to begin with this.

Inver Grove Heights police officers were sure that they were on the receiving end of a prank call when they got a report of a "horse in a basement."

Nope, that was actually what was happening.

An officer took video that showed, yep, there was genuinely a horse walking around in the property basement.

"That ... is indeed a horse in a house," the officer recording the footage says.

When asked on Twitter how the horse got down there, Inver Grove Heights Police Department replied: "Kids put it down there and didn’t tell the mom," which we can't tell if it's serious or not.

Nonetheless we asked the police how the situation was resolved.

"The homeowner's son showed up and brought the horse back out to the corral," they said on Twitter.

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