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Meteor flashes through Minnesota sky followed by a 'loud boom' and rumbling

At least a dozen observers witnessed the meteor flash and boom.
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If you were awake in the middle of the night and looking up in the sky you might've witnessed a meteor flash. 

It happened around 2:15 a.m., and storm chaser Michael Stanga caught it on camera looking north of Otsego and tweeted a GIF of the flash in the night sky. 

Stanga wasn't the only person to report seeing the flash. According to American Meteor Society, there were at least a dozen reports coming from Otsego, Cambridge, Isanti, Mora, Prior Lake, Chanhassen, Oak Grove, Wyoming, Elk River and even Minneapolis. 

According to the Star Tribune, the meteor has been confirmed by the American Meteor Society and was the size of a fridge, making it one of the largest in the world this year.

This, however, is the best video we've seen so far. 

One of WCCO-TV's photographers tweeted that it appeared blue in color to him, and it came with a loud boom that woke his wife and son. 

Some of the descriptions listed on the American Meteor Society website say "it sounded like thunder" and a "loud boom followed by a long rumble" came 45 seconds after the flash. Another report described it as a "crackling sound, like when you light a fuse on a firecracker."

Here's an even more detail from a report out of Elk River. 

"I looked around for a second, and saw blue light bright enough to make my trees turn blue, like massive Christmas lights were suddenly on them. I looked up, and what looked like a large meteor was streaking directly over me, which was quite amazing because the clouds were covering the sky, and yet I could see this blue object for a couple of seconds way above the clouds, moving pretty fast until it went beyond the treeline, and seemed to disappear."

Here's another tweet from a person who caught the flash on video. 

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