Power Trip Morning Show adds jackpot to popular 'Initials Game'

If nobody gets it for a year or more, it's going to be huge.
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KFAN's Power Trip Morning Show has announced a new twist to its popular Initials game, giving listeners a chance to win big bucks.

The Initials game sees host and creator Cory Cove select two initials each week (today's was "MD") and then gives his fellow Morning Show hosts and guests a series of clues – starting tough then getting easier – to the 12 answers with those same initials.

Cove announced that starting Friday, the show will select one caller at random before the quiz starts, and that caller will be asked to guess what that day's initials will be.

If they get it right, they'll win the progressive jackpot. It started Friday with a $500 prize, and will increase $500 every week until someone gets it.

As Cove noted, there are 676 possible combinations of 2 initials to guess from – though you can narrow it down by filtering out some combinations that aren't conducive to quizzes – such as Qs and Xs.

You can probably narrow it down further by discarding any of the recent combinations of initials as they're unlikely to be used twice in a short period of time. You can find KFAN's Initials archives here.

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Since it's a progressive jackpot, if nobody gets it over the next year, the pot will have swelled to $26,000.

There are consolation prizes in the form of a $25 Visa gift card for anyone who guesses one of the initials in its correct position.

Initials is a hugely popular feature on KFAN, to the extent that Cove is releasing it as a card game, launching a Kickstarter last month that has so far generated more than $350,000.

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