President Trump's interaction with Minnesota candidate makes Jimmy Fallon

It went from awkward in Duluth to even more awkward on national TV.
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President Donald Trump

If you weren't at President Donald Trump's rally in Duluth on Wednesday then you probably haven't seen the awkward moment between him and U.S. Republican Senate candidate Karin Housley.  

While applauding work done by Housley, who represents District 39 in Minnesota, the president called her to join him on-stage, a moment that quickly turned awkward.  

"Karin, come on up here! Get 'em up here," said President Trump. "Where are you? Stay there, it's too much of a deal. Good luck, Karin. Good luck." 

Housley didn't have an aisle seat, so getting to the stage proved too time consuming, prompting Trump to wave her off. 

But the ordeal gained momentum with people thinking Trump called Housley a "him," which Housley explained wasn't true with a pair of tweets.

But Jimmy Fallon, he didn't know any better and wound up referring to Housley as a guy during Thursday's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Housley has since had some fun with the situation, using the confusion to create a fun video explaining the origin of her name. 

Housley will likely face Democrat U.S. Sen. Tina Smith in the November election. 

Housley's husband is former hockey star Phil Housley, the St. Paul native who was inducted into the Pro Hockey Hall of Fame in 2015 and is the current head coach of the Buffalo Sabres. 

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