Prince dominates retailer's Top 100 of most expensive records sold

Prince albums appear 5 times, including at No. 1.
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A copy of Prince's Black Album is No. 1 in a record dealer's Top 100 list of the most expensive records it has sold in America.

Discogs released the list that spans the 14 years of its existence, showing what albums attracted the highest bids from buyers in the U.S.

And Prince features prominently, not least at the top of the charts, after a 1987 vinyl promo version of The Black Album sold for $15,000 in 2016.

The Black Album, aka The Funk Bible, was eventually released in 1994 by Warner Bros., after Prince abandoned the initial release in 1987 after becoming convinced it was "too evil" to go into circulation.

However, around 100 promo copies had been distributed to Europe before Prince had pulled the album in 1987, as Den of Geek reports, making them a highly-sought after collectors' item.

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The Black Album features three times in Discogs' Top 100 list, in 12th at a price of $5,203.47, and in 98th at a price of $2,250.

Two other Prince records also make the Top 100, a 7" vinyl copy of "Be My Fortune Teller/I Just Wanna Be" by 94 East Feat. Prince sold for $3,250 last year, placing it 33rd overall.

And a copy of The Versace Experience by The Artist Formerly Known as Prince sold for $4,117.03 in 2016, the 21st most expensive sold by Discogs.

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