Prince fans angry over Capital One commercial that aired during the Emmys

The commercial aired during Monday's broadcast of the Emmys.
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Prince fans are up in arms over the use of one of his songs during a Capital One credit card commercial that aired multiple times during Monday night's broadcast of the Emmy Awards. 

The commercial, which was as basic as they get for credit cards, spiced itself up with inclusion of Prince's hit song, "Let's Go Crazy."

No images or video of Prince were displayed in the 30-second advertisement, but the inclusion of one of his songs begs the question: would Prince have allowed it if he were still alive?

His fans don't think so. Neither does his former attorney, Londell McMillan, who said the song's inclusion in a banking commercial is "disrespectful." 

Prince was known to be extremely reluctant to partner with any businesses in promotional ads, so the next big question to answer is who gave Capital One permission to use the song? 

According to the Star Tribune, those decisions are made by Troy Carter, a former Spotify and record label exec who was hired to manage Prince's estate. 

Here's a sampling of the outrage that overwhelmed Twitter after the commercial aired. 

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