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Prince now has his own, dedicated SiriusXM radio channel

Unfortunately, it's only for a limited time.
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If all the Prince vinyls, CDs and Spotify playlists still aren't enough Prince for you, here's a promotion you might want to consider.

For the month of May, SiriusXM is offering The Prince Channel, which features not only his greatest hits, but also early recordings and curated playlists from a number of the Purple One's collaborators, including Sheila E., Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

The all-Prince, all-the-time channel is part of the satellite radio company's "Stream Free" promotion, a coronavirus-era perk that lets people listen without a subscription during May. 

Prince isn't the only artist getting the dedicated-channel treatment; there are also channels for David Bowie, Metallica, Led Zeppelin and Guns N' Roses, among others, according to a SiriusXM blog post.  

Launching on May 1, the channel opened with a "a never-before-heard demo of a conceptual radio show created by Prince for a Sirius Satellite Radio channel" in 2005, the company noted.

In a recent interview for a recent Vanity Fair piece called "Inside the Prince Radio Show that Never Was," the program's host, DJ Rashida, said “I don’t think anybody knows that it exists other than the people who directly worked on it or were there while we were working on it.”

It's not clear if the channel has plans to air the two-hour program — which also featured comedian Katt Williams as comic relief — again this month. 

You can stream the Prince Channel right here. 

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