Remember the snowdrift puppies? Now you can adopt some of them

The mother and two of the puppies are currently available for adoption.
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Last week we brought you news of a dog and her six puppies who survived seemingly for weeks in a snowdrift in northern Minnesota.

Now the dog and pups are in much better condition, and some of them available for adoption.

The mother, a golden retriever-Australian shepherd mix who was called "Snowbelle," but is now called "Asha," is currently in foster care at Pet Projects in Nerstrand along with her pups.

Asha and two of her pups, Barry and Della, are available for adoption, and you can find their listings here.

Paws First Rescue, which shared their listings as Pet Projects doesn't have a Facebook page but notes that Barry is currently in the process of interviewing for a new family.

All dogs are up to date with their vaccinations and have been spayed/neutered.

Snowbelle/Asha was found with the puppies by a concerned family, who drove them to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue Shelter on the south shore of Lower Red Lake.

The puppies were about three weeks old when they were rescued.

Click here to find their adoption listings.

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