This MN craft beer is one of 50 best in U.S., report says

It's from a Minneapolis brewery considered unique in its field.
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A recent report on the best craft beers in the country has selected one to represent Minnesota, and it's an atypical brew from an atypical brewer.

"Pahlay’ahlay," a tropical pale ale from the Fair State Brewing Cooperative, is among "The 50 Best Craft Beers in the United States" from Men's Journal.

As Fair State describes it, Pahlay’ahlay is a vibrant, "hazy" pale ale brewed with flaked oats and wheat as well as "Citra, Simcoe, and Denali hops."

The Minneapolis brewer also notes that it has 99 points on RateBeer.

So there's no denying it's a serious brew – but why did Men's Journal select it?

Interestingly, the publication's writeup focuses most of its attention on Fair State itself, pointing out that the brewer's unique business model is "popular among Midwest farmers but practically unheard of in the beer world."

That is, of course, the co-op, a business owned and governed by its members "rather than by stockholders," the National Cooperative Business Association notes. 

This fresh approach has been a runaway success, Men's Journal says, with Fair State swelling from an initial 250 members to 1,300, and expanding to "a new 40,000-square-foot facility to keep up with demand..."

On top of that, the magazine says, the co-op model has made the brewer a pioneer and leader in its field, in that it's "even offered counsel to other new co-op breweries" in different parts of the country. 

Since love of beer is a highly subjective matter, not everyone agrees that Fair State's products are the best in the business.

Earlier this year, Popular Mechanics released its own list of "The 50 Best American Beers," with Summit Brewing Company's Extra Pale Ale representing Minnesota. 

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