Republican, Democrat share a drink after the results come in

It's sadly something you don't see enough of these days.
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While politics these days sadly seems to focus on what divides us, that wasn't the case in Edina after Tuesday's election.

The Minnesota House District 49A, covering Edina, was one of 18 House seats to flip from Republican to Democrat, giving the DFL control of the House.

But in a show of bipartisanship so rarely seen these days, winning Democrat Heather Edelson and defeated Republican Rep. Dario Anselmo shared a toast at Barrio in the wake of the result.

A picture of the pair was shared on Facebook by Jennifer Hovelsrud, who wrote: "In the current political climate, this is an example of all that is right in public service."

The mutual respect between Edelson and Anselmo, and their gratitude for the community they serve, continued via the posts they shared with followers in the wake of the election.

"I first want to thank Rep. Dario Anselmo for his service to our community," Edelson said. He has been an important voice for Edina and I look forward to working with him for many months and years to come.

"It has been my privilege to get to know so many residents and I truly look forward to the honor of serving all of Edina as your Representative in the Minnesota House."

Anselmo meanwhile expressed disappointed over his defeat, noting "there was so much more I wanted to do and so much more that you told me you wanted done."

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But he added: "Now it’s Heather Edelson’s job to represent all of Edina and I wish her the very best. I will do whatever I can to assist her because I don’t believe most people care whether you’re blue or red, liberal or conservative, or Democrat or Republican."

"I’ve been involved in helping this community for more than 20 years," he added. "One bad election result can’t change my commitment to making Edina the best place in Minnesota to live, work and raise a family, and I hope to continue serving this community for a long time to come."

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