Reservations for Gavin Kaysen's new restaurant, Demi, are snapped up quickly

The Spoon & Stable supremo is opening a new dining experience next door.
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When Spoon & Stable's Gavin Kaysen opens a new restaurant, reservations are booked up fast.

It was the case in 2017 when tables were first made available for his Wayzata restaurant, Bellecour, and it was the case on Monday when reservations went live for his third Twin Cities restaurant, Demi.

Bookings for Feb. 15 to the end of March went live at 10 a.m., but by 11:15 a.m. all reservations for parties of 2 and 4 were sold out, and the only ones available were pre-paid reservations for parties of 3 on about a dozen dates.

Demi is located around the corner from Spoon & Stable at 212 N 2nd St. in the Minneapolis North Loop.

The intimate venue will see food served around a kitchen counter, with two tasting menus on offer: The $95, 2-hour long "Barrington" menu, and the $125, 2.5-hour "WC Whitney" tasting menu.

There are also options for a wine pairing, a "reserve" wine pairing featuring rarer vintages, and even a "Temperance Pairing" that features a selection of teas, infusions, juices and shrubs to complement each course.

Those who were unable to get a table are encouraged to join the restaurant's waiting list, which you can access here.

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