Revival slams customer who complained takeout order wasn't hot

There's a time and a place for complaints. This ain't it.
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You know how the restaurant industry has been devastated by the coronavirus? And how many have shut down and laid off workers? While others are valiantly converting to takeout/delivery operations to keep people in work?

Yeah, keep that in mind if you find that your takeout order isn't exactly to your liking and it crosses your mind to complain about it.

That's what happened this week to Revival Fried Chicken, the acclaimed eatery with locations in Minneapolis, St. Paul and a counter at the Keg and Case Market.

The complainant in question was apparently unhappy that his takeout order from the St. Paul restaurant wasn't piping hot when they came to pick it up.

Less than impressed by the email, Revival took to Twitter to let the writer know exactly how the complaint went down.

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Restaurants across the Twin Cities are finding themselves dealing with a sudden and brutal shift in their business, after Gov. Tim Walz announced that dine-in service would be suspended as of Tuesday evening until at least Mar. 27.

Revival is one of many Minnesota small businesses fighting to stay afloat in these perilous times, and they all require our empathy and support right now, not our complaints.

If you're angry, direct it elsewhere. How about the fact the nation's hospitals are running out of facemasks and protective equipment? Or what about Boeing asking for a $60 billion bailout of the aerospace industry despite it spending $43 billion on share buybacks over the past decade?

Don't cry over warm chicken.

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