Richfield couple enter AT&T contest, and win an Iron Throne

They were picked out of 270,000 AT&T customers.
Iron Throne Ken Janes

Forget King's Landing, the true seat of power in Westeros lies in Richfield.

That's the new home of a 310-pound replica of the famous Iron Throne from "Game of Thrones," which was given away as part of a customer contest by AT&T.

Some 270,000 AT&T customers entered the competition, and when you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die.

In the case of Gail and Ken Janes, they won, and on Tuesday took delivery of the spectacular replica that according to Variety is worth a whopping $18,000.

It's the work of Traction 3D, which has made a number of thrones for HBO events around the world, the magazine notes.

The Janes told MPR that they entered the contest just for kicks, thinking their prize was going to be "a t-shirt or a cup or something like that."

Nope, they got their own 7-foot tall Iron Throne, which Ken Janes told the news station he's already built a patio for, with a pavilion set to follow to keep it safe from the elements in the winter.

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