Royal Family spotted in St. Paul (the Winter Carnival Royal Family, that is)

The 2019 royals were coronated in a ceremony Friday night.
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In a hallowed tradition that dates back to the 19th Century, the royal family of the St. Paul Winter Carnival were officially crowned on Friday. 

From King Boreas himself all the way down to the South Wind Princess and the royal guards, the "family" took their thrones in a coronation ceremony at the St. Paul RiverCentre:

Taking the mantle of the 83rd King Boreas is La Crosse native Monte Johnson, the president and CEO of a Twin Cities technology company, the La Crosse Tribune says. 

The paper points out that the Winter Carnival crown goes to those who are dedicated to community service, and Johnson is "no exception," as he's coached youth sports, led a Boy Scout troop and "served on a number of community boards in the St. Paul area."

Ruling at his side as Aurora, Queen of the Snows is Alison Gunter, a human resources representative at Ecolab, the Star Tribune says. 

KSTP has a full list of the 2019 royal family members. 

Much like the Queen of England, Boreas and Aurora do not wield absolute power, but instead play a largely ceremonial role representing St. Paul. They and their court commit to a year-long term making public appearances at events around the city, and at their own expense. 

If you missed their coronation, you can catch them Saturday at the King Boreas Grand Day Parade, which kicks off at 2 p.m.

Hopefully, this parade won't be cancelled on account of bitterly cold weather, which is what happened to the Moon Glow Parade on Thursday night.

Snow or shine, the carnival runs through Feb. 3. 

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