Minnesotan survived 2 days stuck in blizzard, only to then be diagnosed with cancer

William Mendoza is looking for another miracle.
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The Scandia man dubbed the "Midwestern Miracle" after he survived being lost in a blizzard in North Dakota was diagnosed with cancer as he recovered from hypothermia.

An alert was issued to find William Mendoza earlier this month, after he went missing while traveling in North Dakota in sub-zero temperatures and blizzard conditions.

As a GoFundMe campaign explains, it turns out that Mendoza had gotten disoriented as he exited I-94 west of Fargo to find somewhere to stay.

He ended up in a snowdrift and was unable to call for help because his phone was dead. He spent two nights in his car without food, water or heat, but was rescued when a lineman spotted his buried vehicle and got him help.

He was taken to the ICU at a hospital in Fargo to be treated for hypothermia as his body temperature had dropped below 90 degrees.

Mendoza was in the hospital recovering when he turned 59 on Feb. 10, and it was on his birthday that doctors dealt him another blow: he has stage 4 kidney cancer, which has spread to his brain.

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He's now back home in Scandia with his wife Vicki and daughters Erin and Jamie, and he's now looking for another miracle, the GoFundMe campaign says.

"I am determined to do whatever I have to do to fight this," Mendoza told KSTP. "It was something they found while treating me for the hypothermia and I guess it is better to know and get on with fighting it than to not know."

The fundraising has so far generated more than $8,200 in the space of two days. You can find it here.

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