Science Museum of Minnesota gets $1 million 'unrestricted' donation

An anonymous contributor donated the sum to the museum.
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The Science Museum of Minnesota has received the largest "unrestricted" gift in its recent history.

An individual has made a $1 million donation to the museum in St. Paul, with the Science Museum saying they wish to remain anonymous, but that the person "believes strongly in the power of education and science literacy and admires the work the staff that the Science Museum of Minnesota is doing, particularly with young children."

The donor decided to make the gift unrestricted, with the intention that the money be used towards the ongoing running costs of the museum, rather than being earmarked for a "specific program or initiative."

"We are honored to be the recipient of this generous donation," says Alison Rempel Brown, Science Museum CEO and president. "As a non-profit organization, our museum relies on community support to help fund its mission of science, education, and equity."

"The museum especially appreciates the gift at a time when funding for general operations is increasingly challenging, yet so critical to delivering our core education programs and mission," she added. "We are very grateful and committed to continuing our important work of helping everyone see themselves in science."

The Science Museum receives about $12 million in contributions annually, with the Pioneer Press noting it has an operating budget of around $40 million.

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