Science Museum's massive Omnitheater to premiere 'Apollo 11' film

The St. Paul museum will join in the nationwide premiere of the 50th anniversary documentary.
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There can be few better settings for the premiere of a documentary celebrating 50 years since the Moon Landing than the massive screen at the Science Museum of Minnesota's Omnitheater.

The St. Paul museum will take part in the May 17 national premiere of "Apollo 11: First Steps Edition," a special, giant screen edition of Douglas Miller's 2019 "Apollo 11" documentary.

It promises to put viewers "at the center of the mission" that saw Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins make the journey to the moon, with Armstrong becoming the first man to step on extraterrestrial soil.

It has been made from a "newly-discovered trove of never-before-seen 70mm footage and more than 11,000 hours of uncatalogued audio recordings, putting audiences at the center of NASA’s historic lunar landing."

After premiering next Friday, the documentary will run in the Omnitheater through Aug. 4.

It is free for members, but will otherwise cost $9.95 for adults and $8.95 for seniors and kids ages 4-12.

"The Apollo 11 mission and its culminating moments are etched in our minds – those of us who witnessed it, and those who have studied it and its impact on science and history," said Joseph Imholte, vice president of Visitor Experience at the Science Museum of Minnesota, in a press announcement.

"'Apollo 11: First Steps Edition' is a really unique opportunity for Omnitheater viewers because it gives them the chance to see the mission like they’ve never seen it before on the only screen large enough to capture it – both in terms of its visual majesty and its historical and scientific significance."

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