Search for gentle, missing collie captures imagination of Minnesota community

The 10-year-old rough collie has been missing since Sept. 16.
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The search for a collie that has been missing a month-and-a-half has prompted an outpouring of support from a northern Minnesota community. 

Lisa Rhen has been searching for her family's beloved pooch, Clyde, since he went missing from her home in Bagley on Sept. 16.

She told BMTN that some of her neighbors were target practicing and believes the shots spooked the 10-year-old rough collie, who was outside at the time and is scared of loud noises.

Since he went missing, there have been possible sightings of Clyde in Bagley, Shelvin, and potentially Puposky, with the Rhen family convinced he's trying to make his way home.

"He is a very friendly, gentle dog that LOVES people, chickens and cats," Rhen told BMTN. "We have had him since he was a puppy and he has never left home."

A Facebook campaign to spread the word about the missing pet, called "Bring Clyde Home," has seen a huge response from the surrounding community.

Last weekend, a Facebook video uploaded by friend Denice Rutherford has been shared almost 2,000 times and viewed 42,000 times.

"The outpouring of support from the community that we have received has been amazing," Rhen said.

"People have been great about calling if they saw him, sharing our posts on Facebook, messaging/calling to see if we found him yet as well as all the prayers for him."

With the deer opener happening this weekend, Rhen wants hunters in the woods to know that if they see him, he's not out there chasing anything, "he is just lost."

"He is so scared and the shots will scare him more, so he won’t come if you try to call him."

Anyone who sees Clyde should call 218-533-0074 or contact the Rhens via the Bring Clyde Home Facebook page.

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