Sexually awkward moment during Duluth news broadcast featured on Jimmy Fallon

Never say someone wearing bow tie looks like a present.
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Sam Ali, Fox 21

An awkward moment during a Fox 21 news broadcast in Duluth has gained national attention, making its way all the way to the "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." 

Sam Ali, a sports anchor at the Duluth Fox affiliate, wrapped up a story about a soccer game ending in a tie when things spiraled into a strangely sexual dialogue between him and a news anchor.

"So hopefully they don't tie again because no one likes ties," Ali said. 

Anchor Nikki Davidson responded: "We want a winner," at which point Ali added: "Yeah, always want a win. I mean, I like bow ties." 

Enter Dan Hanger, an eight-year veteran anchor for the station. 

"Looks like you got a new one," Hangar says of Ali's tie, then adding something he probably wishes he'd never let escape his mouth: "You look like a birthday present and all that." 

Ali couldn't resist. 

"Thank you so ... you wanna open me? Find out what's in?

Hanger, wearing what appears to be a full-length tie with a classic Windsor knot, was numbed by Ali's invitation. 

"It's cold and, I don't know. I guess no comment." 

Davidson, stuck between the sexual banter, saved the day: "I think it's just best we go. We'll be right back." 

Fallon nearly doubled over with laughter when he played the clip on his show. 

"The woman in the middle is like, 'Coming up, I apply for a new job at a different station.'"

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